Please find HERE the current Action Leadership Positions as well as the Management Committee structure. The link redirects you to the COST official website.

Action Management Committee (Action MC) members National representatives of each COST Full or Cooperating Member nominated by COST National Coordinators (CNC) to take charge of the coordination, implementation and management of an Action’s activities as well as supervising the appropriate allocation and use of the COST funds with a view to achieving the Action’s research coordination objectives and capacity building objectives.

Role of the Management Committee

  • Steer the Action towards the achievement of MoU Main Aim and Objectives (pg 3)
  • Decide on Action Structure and elect COST Action leadership positions (pg 3)
  • Implement the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy (pg 4)
  • Manage the Network participation: WG membership, ad-hoc participants & International cooperation (pg 5 to 7)
  • Contribute to and vote the Work & Budget Plan (pg 8)
  • Implement the Networking Tools agreed in the Work and Budget Plan (pg 9 and 10)
  • Organisation of the Action activities
  • Decisions on reimbursement of participants to meetings and trainers in TS
  • Awarding Grants (STSMs, ITC Conference grants and Training Schools)

Maximise impact:

  • Elaborate and implement a strong Communication and Dissemination Plan (pg 11 to 12)
  • Engage relevant Stakeholders and plan any eventual Exploitation Strategy (pg 13)
  • Monitor and respond to the Action’s assessment (pg 14)

MC Tasks and Decisions:

  • Develop a plan for the horizontal implementation of the policy in all activities of the Action
  • Revise and update the implementation plan at every MC meeting
  • MC decisions cannot disproportionally disadvantage a group targeted by the COST Policy

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