1st Management Committee Meeting  – Brussels2 October 2019 (please see attached documentation in the restricted part of the website).

The Agenda for the meeting:

  • Welcome by the hosting team
  • COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy
  • Tour de table: What am I looking for in this COST Action?
  • Presentation of the COST Action by the Main Proposer: Challenge and MoU Objectives, Deliverables, General Action Structure (WGs, Horizontal Tasks, management…), SC recommendations
  • Discussion on the MoU (Open Space): Working Groups tasks and deliverables
  • Presentation on How COST Actions Work
  • Discussion on the use of COST networking tools for financing the Action activities
  • Reimbursement Rules
  • How to Manage COST Actions?
  • Acceptance by the MC of Rules of Procedures for MC of COST Actions
  • Election of Chair and Vice Chair; Selection of Grant Holder
  • Action Structure and organises the election for the WG and task leaders
  • Proposal for WBP for the next Period and Next meeting: date and place
  • Final Messages from COST and checkout: What will you start tomorrow to contribute to the success of this Network?

2nd Management Committee Meeting – Athens25-26 February 2020

The Agenda for the meeting can be found on this link.